Top 7 Home Improvements To Double The Value Of Your Property

1. Garage Makeover
A large two-car garage door is a massive eyesore if it’s rusty, banged up, or if the paint is faded. Start by replacing the doors, but don’t stop there.! Do up the garage floors with epoxy paint, finish the walls with Sheetrock, and add insulation to the walls and garage door. Add storage units, work bench or tool chest and proper hardware for hanging bikes, tools, and lawn care items. Find out surprising new uses for all that junk in your garage.

Estimated Value increase: £6,000-10,000

2. Replace the roof
The average lifespan of an asphalt roof is 20 years. Therefore if your roof is older, or approaching the end of it’s life it may be worth considering a replacement. Likewise, it’s also around the time metal and wooden roofs could be more susceptible to damage. Additional reasons it may be profitable to replace include if the roof is starting to leak, shingles are starting to curl or fall off, or if your energy bills are going up.

Estimated Value increase: £5,000-10,000

3. Go Green
When you add green energy features to your home, the appeal and value is increased immediately. Make a clean sweep throughout the entire house. “Change all light bulbs to CFLs, purchase low-energy appliances, replace toilets and showers with low-flow features, swap old windows for energy-efficient uPVC Sash Windows, filter your spigot water so you can ditch the plastic bottles, and add a programmable thermostat so you can turn down the heat when you are gone during the day,” suggest Graboyes.

Estimated Value increase: £2,000-7,000

4. Paint or replace your front door
Your front door symbolises the entire face of your property. Having a modern, stylish front door is the perfect first impression. White, red, yellow, or blue doors are currently the most popular. A study by ‘CBS Money Watch report’ found doors painted in navy blue, dark gray, or charcoal fetched over a £1000 boost to properly value. DIY uPVC Door offer great value uPVC front doors with a huge range of styles, delivered nationwide to the UK. It could also be worth upgrading your back doors, if they’re due an upgrade.

Estimated Value increase: £1,000-4,000

5. Motorised window blinds
Ideal for modern looking homes, motorised windows blinds can add a real WOW factor to your property. They’re easy to adjust and can be suprisingly affordable, good for blocking out light and are child safe. A perfect match to go with some new upvc sash windows. Motorised window blinds can make an empty home on the market look much cozier and more inviting.

Estimated Value increase: £3,000-7,000

6. Converting an attic
If your attic is wasted storing old unwanted junk, it may be worth finishing the space off as a bonus room for storage or even converting this space into a more livable square footage. If you’re lucky enough to have the space your attic could be worth converting into a office, additional bedroom or master suite. On the downside a complete conversion can be very time consuming if you’re looking to sell, so a quick clean up is usually the more practical option.

Estimated Value increase: £3,000-18,000

7. Replace Windows
Double glazing is considered an essential by most buyers and can boost the value of a property considerably. The most popular cost effective solution for modern windows would be uPVC Sash Windows. Benefits include low price, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and for they also offer uPVC finishing options that replicate the look and feel of genuine wood. See the uPVC Woodgrain collection Estimated Value increase: £5,000-10,000