uPVC Sash Window Technical Information

Technical Information

Frame Specification

These uPVC profiles are manufactured to the highest standards and are capable of:

  • Vertical Sliders with traditional appearance from modern materials
  • 128mm frame depth

Designed to provide optimum strength, superior thermal properties and excellent weathering performance they will retain their pristine appearance year after year with minimum of maintenance. Suitable for commercial or domestic buildings, in both replacement and new build markets.

Configuration:- The front to back dimension of the sash is 52mm, outer frame is 128mm and cill (built-in) options are 210mm or 150mm. Available in two profile options ‘Standard configuration’ and the ‘Heavy duty configuration’.

Size limitations:- Maximum recommended size for standard configuration are up to 1600mm wide and upto 3000mm high. For Heavy duty configuration upto 1700mm wide and upto 3000mm high, using sash VS04 with aluminium interlock.

Frame Reinforcing

All outer frames are fully reinforced with aluminium, the sashes are fully reinforced with galvanised steel.

Structural strength is enhanced through the use of steel or aluminium reinforcement through the internal chambers of the profile and to further increase stability and strength all fixings and hardware are secured to the reinforcement. The vertical slider also has an aluminium interlock for the top sash which increases the rigidity of larger windows.

Hardware Fittings

Tilt & Turn

Tilting sashes by the means of a pivot bar, allows the window to tilt so that exterior glass can be cleaned from the inside, and a soft damp cloth is all it takes to maintain the frame. Tilt restrictors ensure the tilt mechanism works smoothly and safely.

Sash horns

A Victorian innovation, they helped shed water from the sash and covered the end grain of the wood preventing water penetration. On our uPVC windows they are purely decorative.

Handles & Locks

White, gold, chrome, satin chrome and black options available.

Trickle vents

Ventilation vents can be applied in the frame or in the sash, available incapacities of 2000 & 4000 (habitable rooms require capacity of 8000).

Gaskets & Sight Lines

Equal sight line

Fitted as standard, most uPVC windows have unequal sight-lines. This is where the glass in the opening sections appears to be smaller than the glass in the fixed part sections. To duplicate the equal sight lines of the traditional sliding sash we have created a special insert which is fitted to the non opening section to reduce its width to match that of the opening sash. Thus a more aesthetic appearance is obtained.

Low Line gaskets / weather seals

Fitted as standard, gives the window a clean look, as well as improving long term weathering and thermal efficiency.

uPVC Window Features


1. Grade A UPVC Profile

2. 24mm Pilkington K Glass

3. High Quality Locking

4. Run Through Horns (extra)

5. Astragal Bars

6. Choice of Cills

Colourfast UPVC Profile – Colourfast UPVC Profile – Our grade ‘A’ upvc profiles have been rigoursly tested for a number of years to ensure minimal maintenance to keep your windows in top condition. All double glazed products are supplied with a 10 year colourfast guarantee.

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